Re-Gathering Guidelines @ FFBC Sunday May 17.

1. Services: Sunday 10:30 AM only - no Sunday PM or Wednesday on campus until June 1(these services will remain livestream only).

2. Arrive early to be seated in alternating pews. Non-fmaily members need to keep 6 feet apart.

3. Entrance doors will remain open.

4. Restrooms will have cleaning supplies for each person to clean up after themselves.

5. When we dismiss we will exit by rows.

6. Socialize outside after service only.

7. No physical contact. Please observe this guideline!

8. Sanitizer and Masks will be supplied at entrances for those who wish to use them.

9. No Nursery or Sunday School until June 1.

10. No bulletins or hymnals until June 1.

11. Tithes and offerings will be collected at the doors when exiting.

12. The fellowship hall will be closed due to the kitchen remodeling project. We will use the Elevate classroom if we need overflow space.